Diversity Council Representatives

Term 2014-2016

Eugenia Beh


Term 2015-2017

Anna Coats


EB Member

Anna Coats



ALA Committee on Library Advocacy

Committee Charge

Represent APALA at the ALA Advocacy Coordinating Group, which aims “To foster communication and cooperation among all interested committees, units, and divisions in order to develop programs and activities in support of library advocacy and the association’s advocacy plan. The advocacy coordinating group will exchange information and share ideas for coordination of programming and training; develop and promote strategies for increased advocacy activity; promote cooperation and enhance the effectiveness of advocacy activities throughout the association; and strengthen ALA’s national, state, local, and international advocacy efforts.” (



EB Member

Lessa Pelayo-Lozada


APALA member

Sandy Wee


ALA Digital Content Working Group (DCWG) Rep


EB Member

Brian Leaf



Holly Yu