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The purpose of the APALA Mentoring Program is to provide professional and personal development, inspiration, and encouragement through a supportive mentoring relationship. The specific goals of the program include:

  • To provide guidance and coaching to new and future librarians in their careers and growth as professionals.
  • To foster leadership in APALA, ALA, and other professional library associations.
  • To facilitate communication between new and future librarians and experienced professionals.

Who can request a mentor?

Protégés are librarians with no more than 5 years professional experience or library school students. Protégés must be or agree to become APALA members.

Who can request to become a mentor?

Mentors are APALA members who possess at least 5 years professional experience and are active in professional library associations. Mentors must be or agree to become APALA members.

How does the program work?

  • The APALA Mentoring Committee will actively recruit mentors from the APALA membership.
  • Prospective mentors and protégés submit their application to the Mentoring Committee by August 18th, 2017.
  • Matches between protégés and mentors will be made based on the protégé’s goals, the type of library they work in or would like to work in, geographic location, and the availability of mentors.
  • The Mentoring committee will contact the mentor and confirm availability.
  • The protégé will be contacted and provided with a recommended mentor.
  • Both the protégé and the mentor are contacted to confirm the mentoring agreement.
  • Once the mentoring agreement is established, it is the responsibility of the protégé to contact the mentor to work out meetings and topics for discussion.
  • The Mentoring Committee will check in with protégés and mentors at least three times during the year.

Please note: If we are unable to find a suitable mentor for a prospective protégé by August 31st, 2017, we will try our best to find one for that person later in the year or the next year.


Guidelines for Protégés and Mentors

  • The mentoring arrangement will last from September 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018, although mentors and protégés may continue the arrangement after this time on their own
  • Protégés and mentors should communicate at least once a month and meet in person at least once during the year, preferably at the ALA Annual Conference. We realize that due to economic constraints, meeting face-to-face may not be possible. However it is still strongly recommended if possible. APALA will organize a social event at the Annual Conference where mentors and protégés can meet.
  • At any time during the duration of the mentoring arrangement, the protégé or mentor may contact the Mentoring Committee for assistance.



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