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Membership and Governance

Membership is open to all librarians/information specialists of Asian/Pacific descent working in U.S. library/information centers and related institutions/organizations, and to others who support the goals and purpose of APALA.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Discuss problems and concerns of Asian Pacific American (APA) Librarians
  • Exchange ideas with other APA librarians
  • Receive support and encourage from APA communities
  • Participate in the mentoring programs
  • Seek funding or scholarships
  • Cooperate with other organizations with similar interestsm
  • Join the APALA electronic discussion lists
  • Receive APALA Membership Directory
  • Receive APALA Newsletter four times a year

The Association is governed by an executive Board that is comprised of the president, vice/president/president elect, secretary, treasurer, immediate past president, and two elected members-at-large. APALA’s constitution requires that a genuine effort be made to ensure diverse ethnic, geographic, and institutional representation in officer nominations and committee appointments.

Liaisons and Representation

Members may be appointed as APALA liaisons to the ALA Council Committee on International Relations and the ALA Education Assembly. Other liaison opportunities to appropriate ALA committees/assemblies are under consideration. The president and/or designated APALA member represent(s) the Association on the ALA Diversity Council, the ALA Affiliates Group, and other ALA president-/executive-board-initiated special committees.

The ALA liaison to APALA is the Director of the Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS).

Support and Participation

In addition to attending executive Board and Membership meetings during ALA Midwinter and Annual (Summer) conferences, members can be active in the Association through committee work. Staggered two-year appointments to committees (of four or more members) ensure continuity and promote mentoring of new appointees. APALA Standing Committees include:

  • Awards
  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Finance
  • Membership
  • Newsletter and Publications
  • Program
  • Publicity
  • Recruitment and Scholarship

Special Committees appointed annually include:

  • Nominations (comprised of past presidents)
  • Local Arrangements (for the annual conference program and membership meeting)

Other Ad Hoc special committees and Task forces may be formed as needed by the president of APALA.