APALA will be participating in the Atlanta March for Social Justice & Women.  A time to gather before the March, meet other ALA Midwinter attendees and March participants, and create posters has been set aside, courtesy of the ALA Office for Diversity, Literacy & Outreach Services (ODLOS). ODLOS will provide poster-making supplies for all interested.

Details of the gathering:

When: Saturday, January 21, 2017
Where: Georgia World Congress Center, Hall A3
Time: from 10:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Image of the Atlanta March logoGathering attendees will be traveling to the March starting point together: the Center for Civil & Human Rights, 100 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd. near the water feature. APALA will be touring the Center for Civil & Human Rights Museum on the previous day, Friday, January 20.

The March will begin at 1:00 p.m. and head to the Georgia State Capitol. A map of the March route is provided on the Atlanta March website.

All APALA members, especially those who will be at ALAMW17, are encouraged to attend. Registration to ALAMW17 is not required to participate in the gathering or the March.


Some things to consider:

  • Why march? To express solidarity with others? Demonstrate hope for the future? Uphold the right to peaceably assemble?
  • Use the following Twitter hashtags: #whyimarch, #atlantamarch, #iamAPALA
  • Take lots and lots of pictures. Share them!
  • Image of the Library Folks in Solidarity t-shirtIf you were able to get a Library Folks in Solidarity t-shirt, wear it! Other librarians at ALAMW17 will likely wear the t-shirt too, as it will be a great way for us all to show our collective agreement with the values and principles that drive the gathering and the March. For those interested in the next round of availability for the t-shirts, please send an email expressing your interest to libraryfolkssolidarity @ gmail.com. The t-shirt campaign is conceived, developed, and implemented by long-time APALA member Alanna Aiko Moore.
  • Wear layered clothing and comfortable shoes. Bring water.
  • Remember: the pre-March gathering and the March are organic events. We are attending as individuals who also happen to be members of APALA. Your active participation makes the experience. Many of us plan on just showing up and developing things as needed. We are happy for your company!

For more information, please visit the Atlanta March website or the Library Workers at the Atlanta March for Social Justice & Women Facebook page.


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  1. My husband and I are marching-we bought sweatshirts from the merchandise area of the march facebook page-will try to find you but probably won’t be at the poster party.
    Donna Ballard
    Reader Services librarian
    East Meadow Public Library
    Long Island, NY

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