A big thank you to Janet Tom for organizing this event and kudos to her for suggesting we make this a scholarship fundraising event!

Eight librarians celebrated Chinese New Year on Feb. 17, 2012 with a vegetarian feast at the Golden Era Restaurant in San Francisco. Besides breaking in the Year of the Dragon, the event also served as a fundraiser for our APALA Scholarship Fund where diners and friends contributed a total of $200 towards it.

Janet Tom, SF Public Library (SFPL), arranged for a healthy and delicious six-course meal at one of her favorite vegetarian restaurants, Golden Era. Entrees included: fresh spring rolls, tofu salad, lemongrass deluxe mock chicken, gailan (Chinese broccoli), pan fried soy fish with ginger sauce, and the rice claypot, which included tofu, soy chicken, mushroom, bean thread, onion, and ginger cooked w/ fragrant rice.

Brian Huynh, SFPL, remembered that the last time he attended an APALA gathering at the Golden Era, they had run out of some of the desserts. Determined that this wouldn’t happen this time, he pre-ordered almost all of the desserts this time, including the cheese cake, flan, chocolate cake and banana coconut ice cream. Everyone shared the delicious vegan desserts.

Attendees were: Ana Pavon, Oakland Public Library; Brian Huynh, San Francisco PL (SFPL); Chris Kyauk, recent graduate and 2012 Emerging Leader; Sherise Kimura, University of San Francisco (USF); Jerry Dear, SFPL; Janet Tom, SFPL; Patty Wong, Yolo County Librarian; Ken Yamashita, happily-retired from Stockton Public Library.

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  1. We are old friends of ‘a’ Janet Tom who lived in SF who we lost contact with. We know she went on to study librarianship and were hoping the Janet mentioned in the above celebration is ‘our’ Janet. Please pass on our regards from Australia and ask her to get in contact with us. Thank you!

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