APALA often receives library job announcements through our vast network of professionals working in libraries across the country. We’re experimenting with the best way to get these job announcements out to our members in a quick and efficient manner.

One possible solution is to use our Twitter account (@ala_apala) to get the word out. We plan on marking every new job-related tweet with the hashtag #apalajobs. This gives people who use Twitter tools like Tweetdeck an easy way to keep an eye on these announcements.  But since everyone doesn’t use Twitter (yet), we’ll also embed this hashtag’s feed into our job postings page.

The problem with this is that it requires you to visit our website. Unless you visit our website daily, you might miss out on responding to a job posting quickly. So, what you might want to do is subscribe to the #apalajobs RSS feed if you want to hear about these announcements in a timely fashion. If you don’t use an RSS regularly, you can get email alerts using FeedMyInbox and using the #apalajobs RSS feed.

Please let us know if you can think of a better, faster, easier solution to getting the word out about these job announcements!

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