APALA Literature Award Submission Form

For specific guidelines concerning the APALA Literature Award, please click the following link:

Awards Guidelines

  1. APALA literature awards are presented in 5 categories. If you have any questions about which category would be most appropriate for a book, please send an email to dorah2005@gmail.com or Buenaventura.basco@ucf.edu
  2. A book can be submitted in only one category.
  3. Fill out the submission form below.

Book Title:




Publication Date (Month/Year)

(Eligible work must have had premier publication in 2015 or 2016 and must have been published for general commercial release in the U.S.)

Book Category:

Name of Person submitting this form:

Job Title:



Thank you for your submission.  If the title qualifies under the Literature Award guidelines set forth by the Literature Award committee, it will be considered for this award.

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