APAAL Revised Guidelines (as of 8/31/2015) (PDF)


The awards will be announced at the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta, GA Winners of the APALA Literature Award will receive a plaque during the 2017 American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago, IL. A press release will be sent to various national publications. The Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature is now an annual event.


Eligible Works

  • Eligible work must have had premier publication in 2015 or 2016 and must have been published for general commercial release in the U.S.
  • The five award categories are:
    • Adult Fiction
    • Adult Nonfiction
    • Children’s Literature
    • Young Adult Literature
    • Picture Books
  • Works should be related to Asian/Pacific American experiences (either historical or contemporary) or Asian/Pacific American cultures.
  • Works must be written by an Asian/Pacific Islander American. The author or illustrator should have resident status in the United States or Canada. In the case where co-illustrator is not of APA heritage, the book is ineligible for consideration.
  • Works must have been published in the United States or one of its territories or Canada.Self-published works and exclusive Internet publications are not eligible.
  • For fiction titles, anthologies or books containing the work of more than one author are not eligible.
  • Works must be originally written in English.
  • Works that have previously won other prizes or recognition are eligible.
  • If no books are found to meet the selection criteria, no award will be given.
  • Poetry and Graphic Novels will be eligible for consideration in Adult Fiction, Young Adult or Children’s Literature: please determine which committee is appropriate to submit.

Entry of Works

  • Nominated titles should be submitted to appropriate Award Committee before October 1, 2016 using the link below. Entries may be submitted by an author, publisher, agent, publicist or individual. All entries received after October 1, 2016 will not be considered for the 2017 award.
  • The Literary Award Committee is not responsible for lost submissions.
  • An author, publisher, publicist or agent may submit more than one entry per author, but not more than one entry per work.
  • Publishers should send a review copy to each of the committee members of the appropriate category.


Nominations can be submitted using this form. See details above for deadline information.