Please note: this grant is not currently offered. The following information is for historical purposes.


The purpose of this research award is to encourage APALA members to engage in research activities with a contribution toward library and information science in general and APA librarianship in particular. The grant may be used for conducting research projects, attending research related conferences and workshops, conducting research workshops and programs, or assisting in research writing. This award may not be used for attending professional association conferences.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must possess an MLS degree (or equivalent), and be employed in a professional level position.
  • Applicants must have held an APALA membership one year prior to submitting an application, and must maintain APALA membership for the duration of the Grant.
  • An APALA member who receives any other APALA grant may not receive this Grant award in the same year.
  • This award is open only to American citizens or permanent residents.


Selection Procedures and Timeline

  • The APALA Scholarships & Grant Committee will select the grant recipient.
  • The Committee will receive the completed Application Packages by March 1.
  • The Committee will select final candidates by April.
  • The Committee Chair will notify the final candidates as well as the other candidates who were not selected.

Administrative Procedures

  • The grant shall be administered under the By Laws of APALA.
  • In the event that no applicants satisfy the above-mentioned criteria and factors in a given year, no grant will be awarded.
  • Members of the Scholarships & Grants Committee are ineligible for any of the awards.  If a Scholarships & Grants Committee member would like to apply for an award, they need to step aside from the selection committee for that specific award.  An APALA member who receives any APALA grant/award may not receive another grant/award in the same year.

Past Recipients

  • Smiti Gandhi (2004)
  • Karen Fernandez (2003)