Finance and Fundraising Committee

Committee Charge

  • To create an annual operating budget based on the needs of the organization with the assistance of the President and Executive Director.
  • To present the annual operating budget to the Executive Board at a meeting for approval.
  • To advise the Executive Board in building APALA’s financial resources.
  • To review biannual financial statements prepared by the Treasurer and monitor income and expenditures on an ongoing basis.
  • To engage in fundraising activities in order to support the services and programs of APALA.
  • To solicit donations from funding sources, and solicit the membership for ideas and support for fundraising activities.


Eileen Bosch, California State University, Long Beach


Frans Albarillo

Florante Peter Ibanez

Peter Spyers-Duran

Sandy Wee

Raymond Wang

Janet Wong

Varaxy Yi

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