Literature Awards Committee

Committee Charge

To solicit nominations, review and vote for an award each for Adult Fiction, Illustration in Children’s Literature, and Youth Literature. Please visit the Literature Awards page for more information.


Buenaventura Basco, University of Central Florida Libraries

Dora Ho, Los Angeles Public Library

Category Chairs

Adult Literature (Fiction)
2012-2014 – Samanthi Hewakapuge
2013-2015 – Tiffany Chow

Adult Literature (Non-Fiction)
2012-2014 – Janet Tom
2013-2015 – Tinamarie Vella

Children’s Literature
2012-2014 – Katrina Nye
2013-2015 – Jerry Dear

YA Literature
2012-2014 – Karla Lucht
2013-2015 – Lessa Pelayo-Lozada

Picture Books (Illustration in Children’s Literature)
2012-2014 – Denise Geier
2013-2015 – Gayatri Singh

Category Members

2012-2014 Adult Literature (Fiction)
Tarida Anantachai
Tiffany Chow
Suzanne Im
Sofia Leung

2013-2015 Adult Literature (Fiction)
Suzanne Im
Paul Lai
Yen Tran
Sandy Wee

2012-2014 Adult Literature (Non-Fiction)
Anjali Goyal
Michelle Miller
Bianca Rios
Tinamarie Vella

2013-2015 Adult Literature (Non-Fiction)
Tina Chan
Allan Cho
Karen Fernandez
Miriam Tuliao
Evelyn Yee

2012-2014 Children’s Literature
Jade Alburo
Sheela Chari
Beatriz Pascual
Alicia Yao

2013-2015 Children’s Literature
Tarida Anantachai
Ruth Hernandez
Meena Jain
Kate Vo Thi-Beard

2012-2014 YA Literature
Candice Mack
Tamiye Meehan
Ileana Pulu
Kate Vo Thi-Beard

2013-2015 YA Literature
Tamiye Meehan
Linda Nguyen
Rinna Rem
Beatriz Wallace
Irene Zapata

2012-2014 Picture Books (Illustration in Children’s Literature)
Ann Crewdson
Helen Look
Ariana Sani
Gayatri Singh

2013-2015 Picture Books (Illustration in Children’s Literature)
Virginia Loh-Hogan
Helen Look
Holly Okuhara
Monnee Tong
Alicia Yao

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