Membership Committee

Committee Charge
To maintain and update APALA membership.


  • 400+ members campaign. (MAL project)
    • Create bulleted list of “why join APALA” that we can push out as part of membership campaign–if everyone in committees and EB can send to their colleagues at work, it may help boost membership.
    • Reach out to professionals, like IT, not just librarians.
    • Reach out to APA Library Leaders roster and recruit all the non-members, including the Chinese librarians–especially David S. Mao, Deputy Librarian of Congress who is Eugenia’s cousin; Mark Leon, ALA’s new CFO (1st APA in ALA upper management); Dr. Alan S. Inouye, Director of the ALA OITP in Washington, DC).
    • APA Spectrum scholars- consider offering student memberships (only $10) to each of them.
    • Consider offering institutional membership ($60) to KALIPA (Korean American Library and Information Professionals Association and other parallel institutions.
    • Promote regional programming/events, online workshops. (MAL project)
  • Submit recommendation for open source/free membership databases (2 options).


Emily Chan

EB project leads

Ariana Hussain

Paolo Gujilde


Shalini Channapatna

Sarah Okner

Pushkar Sohoni

Safi Saffiullah

Heawon Paick

Ken Yamashita

Sheeji Kathuria

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