Newsletter and Publications Committee

Committee Charge

The Newsletter and Publications Committee is responsible for publishing the quarterly newsletter. The committee will be provided with current mailing list from the membership committee chair for the purpose of distributing the newsletter to current members. The co-chairs have complete responsibility of overseeing the writing, production, and distribution of the newsletter. The committee is responsible for editing articles, soliciting articles and/or ideas from members, proofing, and other related duties.


Gary A. Colmenar, University of California, Santa Barbara

Melissa Cardenas-Dow, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Sub-Chair, Web Content)


Sandy Avila

Jaena Rae Cabrera

Molly Higgins

Alyssa Jocson

Charlotte Roh

Miriam Tuliao

Manlia Xiong

Evelyn Shimazu Yee

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