Dear APALA Members:

Last month, we sent an emailing about recruiting current members to continue their APALA involvement by serving on a committee. I am pleased that many of you have expressed interest! If you had expressed interest in February, please note experienced a glitch on our website and we were unable to follow up. If you can please take the time to resubmit your volunteer interest form, that will be great. Thank you in advance. For those of you who have submitted an interest after April, thank you. I will follow up via email by our annual conference.

Some asked if one can serve on more than one committee. The answer is yes and we hope you will.

As mentioned, as we are approaching Annual 2011, we are getting a head start by actively recruiting current members to continue their APALA involvement. For those of you who have thought about becoming involved with APALA but never got around to doing so, this is your chance! It is not too late to be involved. If you have been serving on another committee and have been interested in joining another committee, this is your opportunity. Being involved is a great way to create professional development, gain leadership skills, share your ideas, and network. We are seeking applications and recommendations for appointments to our standing committees for 2011-12.

Committee chairs and members will begin serving immediately after the 2011 Annual Conference in New Orleans. Tentatively, appointments will be confirmed before Annual 2011. If you are interested in serving, please complete the APALA Committee Volunteer Interest form.

In addition, we also seeking volunteers for Local Arrangements for the 2012 Mid-Winter Conference (in Dallas) and 2012 Annual Conference (in Anaheim). In the past our local arrangements have included organized tours, FUN-raising socials, and/or dinners. These gatherings do not happen without our local arrangement volunteers! Please email for more information.

Please feel free to email Florante Ibanez, APALA President 10-11, or Sandy Wee, APALA Vice President 10-11/President-Elect 11-12, for more information. See you next month in New Orleans!


Sandy Wee
APALA Vice-President 2010-11/President-Elect 2011-12

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