Dear APALA members and Friends:

Thank you for a great ’10-’11 year.  Thank you to the hardworking 10-11 Executive Board:  President Florante Peter Ibanez, Secretary Liladhar Pendse, Treasurer, Angela Boyd, Member-at-Large Cecilia Poon, Member-at-Large Eileen Bosch, Member-at-Large Eugenia Beh, Member-at-Large Lessa Pelayo-Lozada, Immediate Past President Sherise Kimura, and Executive Director Gary Colmenar for all the great work, enthusiasm, feedback and guidance.

APALA’s success is due in part to our many committee accomplishments.  Our 10-11 Standing Committee, Ad-Hoc Committee, and Task Force Chairs had a successful year. Thank you to the following committee chairs: Constitution and Bylaws Chair Ben Wakashige;  Finance & Fundraising Chair Angela Boyd; Literary Awards Chair Dora Ho; Literary Awards Category Chairs Michelle Baildon, Buenaventura “Ven” Basco, Lana Adlawan, Yen Tran and Susan Hoang; Membership Chair Rebecca Kennedy; Mentoring Chair Linda Absher; Newsletter & Publications Chair Gary Colmenar; Program Chair Eugenia Beh; Publicity Chair Elnora Tayag; Research & Travel Awards Chair Safi Safiullah & Gayatri Singh; Scholarship Chair Heawon Paick; Website Chair Richard Kong; Task Force on Library Services to Asian/Pacific Americans Chairs Michelle Baildon & Mitchell Yangson; Task Force on Family Literacy Focus Chair Lessa Pelayo-Lozada; JCLC Representatives Alanna Aiko Moor and Florante Peter Ibanez; ALA Diversity Council Representatives Anchalee (Joy) Panigabutra-Roberts and Michelle Baildon; ALA Presidential Task Force on Traditional Cultural Expression Representative Anchalee (Joy) Panigabutra-Roberts; Local Arrangements 2011 San Diego Committee Gary Colmenar, Cora Dompor, and Florante Peter Ibanez; Local Arrangements 2012 New Orleans Committee Kim Tran and Linda Nguyen.

As mentioned at our Executive Board meeting/dinner on Friday night, under Florante’s leadership, we had accomplished so much this year:

Maintain current partnerships with other ethnic caucuses

Develop new ethnic caucus partnerships

Continuation of FLF project with AILA


  • midwinter retreat addressing APALA’s future directions/goal
  • successful 30th GALA/anniversary party
  • developed online membership database

Succession planning:

  • outreach to new leaders and members to serve on committees
  • EB expansion of two additional Member-at-Large
  • seamless transition between current ED and incoming ED


  • business cards
  • 30th anniversary logo


  • APALA attendance at CALA banquet
  • APALA attendance at Coretta Scott King Awards
  • APALA attendance at REFORMA scholarship fundraising events
  • Letters of support to various organizations
  • Partnership with many southern CA programs/events
  • 3 spectrum fun-raising socials benefiting Spectrum Scholarship
  • APALA President and Vice-President becoming members of our ethnic caucuses

My goal for the coming year is to continue where Florante left off.  From our retreat during midwinter 2011, we identified two projects for January – June 2011 term as publicizing/marketing APALA/promoting the APALA website and increasing visibility of our Literary Awards.  The natural step is to continue these projects through June 2012. I will also be working on a succession plan with various committees and cultivating new leaders into our organization.  Finally, I would like to start building our fundraising committee. APALA gives out many awards, and it would be great if we received support from businesses and/or grants.

I look forward to a working with our ’11-’12 Executive Board and Committees:

  • Vice-President/President-Elect A. Jade Alburo
  • Secretary Lessa Pelayo-Lozada
  • Treasurer Shoko Tokoro
  • Member-at-Large Eugenia Beh
  • Member-at-Large Eileen Bosch
  • Member-at-Large Richard Kong
  • Member-at-Large Candice Mack
  • Executive Director Gary Colmenar
  • Incoming Executive Director Buenaventura “Ven” Basco (effective midwinter 2012)
  • Immediate Past President Florante Peter Ibanez

A warm welcome to our ’11-’12 Standing Committee, Ad-Hoc  Committee, and Task-Force Chairs:

  • CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS COMMITTEE (term 2011-2012) Chair:  Ben Wakashige
  • FINANCE AND FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE (term 2011-2012) Chair:  Eileen Bosch
  • LITERATURE AWARDS COMMITTEE (term October 2011 to June 2013) Chair:  Buenaventura “Ven” Basco /Dora Ho (transition)
  • MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE (term 2011-2012) Chair:  Rebecca Kennedy
  • NEWSLETTER AND PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE (term 2011-2012) Chair:  Gary Colmenar
  • NOMINATING COMMITTEE (term 2011-2012) Chair:  Florante Peter Ibanez
  • PROGRAM COMMITTEE (term 2011-2012) Chair:  Jade Alburo
  • PUBLICITY COMMITTEE (term 2011-2012) Chair:  Heawon Paick
  • WEB COMMITTEE (term 2011-2012) Chair:  Angela Boyd
  • Ad-Hoc: ARCHIVES (term 2011-2012) Chair:  Gary Colmenar
  • Ad-Hoc: MENTORSHIP (term 2011-August 2012) Chair:  Linda Absher
  • Ad-Hoc: SCHOLARSHIPS & AWARDS (term 2011-2012) Chairs:  Safi Safiullah/Gayatri Singh
  • TASK FORCE ON FAMILY LITERACY FOCUS (term 2011-2012) Chair:  Lessa Pelayo-Lozada
  • TASK FORCE ON LIBRARY SERVICES TO ASIAN/PACIFIC AMERICANS (term 2011-2012) Chairs:  Michelle Baildon /Mitchell Yangsoon
  • TASK FORCE:  2012 ANNUAL LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS – ANAHEIM  (term 2011-2012) Chair:  Candice Mack
  • TASK FORCE:  2012 MIDWINTER LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS – DALLAS (term 2011-2012 Midwinter) Chair:  Eugenia Beh
  • TASK FORCE:  2012 MIDWINTER – DALLAS/2012 ANNUAL – ANAHEIM JCLC FUNDRAISING BASKETS (term 2011-2012) Chair:  Linda Absher
  • TASK FORCE:  2012 PRESIDENT’S PROGRAM  – ANAHEIM (term 2011-2012) Chair:  Eugenia Beh
  • TASK FORCE:  2012 ANNUAL ALA DIVERSITY & OUTREACH FAIR – ANAHEIM (term 2012 Midwinter-2012) Chair:  Candice Mack
  • DIVERSITY COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Term:  2010-2012:  Michelle Baildon, Term:  2011-2013:  Candice Mack
  • JCLC 2012 REPRESENTATIVES Chair – JCLC Publicity:  Florante Peter Ibanez, Chair – JCLC Programs:  Alanna Aiko Moore

Finally, I would like to thank Florante who’s been a great mentor to me.  I have big shoes to fill but with our ’11-’12 Executive Board and Committee team, I am confident we will have a successful term.  Here’s to a great ’11-’12!

Sandy Wee

APALA President

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