If you’ll be attending ALA Annual 2016 in Orlando, be sure to mark your calendars and join us for the APALA President’s Program!


From Vietnam to Syria: Refugees, Their Stories, and Needs

Saturday, June 25, 2016
Details: ALA16 Scheduler

During the Vietnam War, thousands of refugees fled the fighting and political violence in Southeast Asia and came to the United States. Some of these refugees settled in Orlando, establishing what today is the largest Asian population in the region. At the APALA President’s Program, co-sponsored by IRRT, IFLA, and REFORMA, Vietnamese Americans will tell their stories about fleeing the violence for a new life and librarians will share their programs and strategies for helping today’s refugees. Many parallels can be drawn between the refugee crisis during the Vietnam War and the current crisis in the Middle East. Join us to discuss what role libraries can play in aiding the millions of refugees and unaccompanied refugee children in their time of need.

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