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Multimedia Storytelling: Breaking Through The Noise Without Breaking Your Budget (4/20/2017)
How does instruction and storytelling parallel each other? In this thoughtful presentation, Brian Leaf touches on elements of storytelling, digital production, and the easy-to-access technology that can make it all happen. Take your presentations or marketing communications to the next level with a tried-and-true digital framework originating from professional theater and used in community outreach, healthcare, and other settings worldwide.
Microaggressions and the API Community (3/30/2017)
Microaggressions are subtle, denigrating messages delivered to people from marginalized groups, oftentimes by well-meaning people who are unaware of the underlying messages they are sending.  For instance, people from the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community are often asked “Where are you from? No, really, where were you born?” or told, “You speak such good English.” These statements imply that members of the API community are perpetual foreigners and are not “true” Americans. These everyday insults, slights, and indignities can result in negative emotional, psychological, and physical outcomes.

This webinar will define microaggressions, and cover both racial microaggressions and microaggressions toward LGBTQ folks.  Special attention will be paid to the everyday prejudice and discrimination faced by API folks in the current climate of “othering” immigrants.

Alanna Aiko Moore & Jaena Alabi
The Talk Story Grants: How to Submit a Winning Proposal (1/31/2017)
Each year the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA)’s Family Literacy Focus Committee and the American Indian Librarians Association (AILA)’s Talk Story Grant Committee review and select fantastic grant proposals to provide funds for Asian Pacific American (APA) and American Indian/Alaska Native (AIAN) books and programs for libraries. What qualifies as a good grant candidate? What have past winners submitted? What is required of the winning candidate? Come listen to this webinar on successful proposals!
Presentation and Publishing Opportunities (1/13/2017)
This free webinar will focus on presentation and publishing opportunities. Listen to tips, tricks and best practices to get your work published or presented. APALA members are invited to attend this opportunity.
Erin Nevius, ACRL Content Strategist
Hiromi Kubo, Business and Economics Librarian at Fresno State
Dr. Nicole Cooke, LIS Professor from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Applying for the IRDL Program! Perspectives from APALA Members (12/2/2016)
Interested in applying for the Institute of Research Design Librarianship (IRDL) program? Join us for this free webinar to hear from APALA members who have participated in this competitive research program. Frans Albarillo and Raymond Pun will share their experiences in submitting the applications and attending the program. Jennifer Masunaga from the IRDL Advisory Board will share some insights into the process.