Aloha and Welcome Members and Friends,

As we continue to celebrate APALA’s 30th Anniversary Year, I would like to thank all our past officers, members and supporters for holding fast to the mission of our association,

Enhancing leadership opportunities through informed dialogue that addresses the needs of Asian/Pacific American (APA) librarians and those who serve the APA communities.

As President, my goal is to continue to build leadership in our profession and to increase our linkages to the communities we serve. Part of this involves conducting an APALA Leadership Retreat during the ALA 2011 Midwinter Conference in San Diego.

For the ALA 2011 Annual Conference in New Orleans I am planning to present the PBS Documentary, “A Village Called Versailles,” which focuses on the New Orleans Vietnamese community and their struggle for recognition and recovery following Katrina. In addition, I’ve invited a panel of community leaders and librarians to update conference attendees of their achievements and challenges. We are also planning to take a site tour and a meal in the community.

I invite all of you to participate in our association, to use this website actively as a resource and referral point, and to recruit others to help build leadership in our profession.

Have a Blessed Day!


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