The concept of “normal” is filled with ideas we often take for granted. It is also filled with anxieties about measuring up to those ideas, which can sometimes be too lofty to be realistic or attainable. One such idea is the notion that “normal” constitutes only one, undisputed identity. The second essay in the new APALA What’s Your Normal? feature series comes from APALA member Alanna Aiko Moore, the Interim Assistant Department Head for Information Services and User Education and the Librarian for Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies for the Social Science and Humanities Library at University of California, San Diego. In her essay, “More Than Enough: Embracing Multiple Identities,” Alanna offers a slice of her personal life—shaped by more than one identity intersecting others. She asks, “What does our community look like?  What intersecting identities are present?” A list of resources on bisexuality and multi-racial identity accompanies Alanna’s piece.

Thank you, Alanna, for a very thought-provoking essay. Felicitations to you and Jan!


Melissa Cardenas-Dow
APALA Web Content Subcommittee Chair

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