Committee Charge

  • To select the Scholarship Award, this Scholarship will provide financial assistance to a student of Asian or Pacific background who is enrolled, or has been accepted into, a master’s or doctoral degree program in library and/or information sceince at a school accredited by the American Library Association (ALA).
  • To select recipient for the Travel Award program that has been established to encourage participation and attendance by APALA member at the American Library Association’s annual conference.
  • To select the APALA Emerging Leader, APALA sponsors a member to participate in the ALA Emerging Leaders Program. APALA will contribute up to $1000 for expenses ($500 each conference).
  • To select recipient for the Sheila Shuen Lai Research Award that has been established to conduct research activity that contributes to the field of library and information science in general and APA librarianship in particular.

Frans Albarillo
Sheeji Kathuria

EB Member
Ray Pun

Rose Chou (2017-2018)
Sheila Garcia (2017-2018)
Melody Leung (2016-2018)
Lara Maestro (2017-2018)
Janet Mumford (2017-2018)
Jennifer Shellman (2016-2018)
Jessica Tai (2016-2018)
Florence Tang (2017-2018)

Last updated 08/23/17