The Oscars of the Library World (2013)
by Janet Wong

This Is Not My Hat.

This hat belongs to
The One and Only Ivan.

In Darkness
you might confuse this hat

with something worn by
Aristotle and Dante
(while they)
Discover the Secrets of the Universe.

A hat like this is
The Bomb.

You put it on and suddenly
you are
Katherine Paterson.

Or you are,
Hand in Hand, Ten Black Men
Who Changed America.

“I, Too, Am America”
Martin de Porres (The Rose in the Desert)

and Chengli (of the Silk Road Caravan).

With your hat
(or not your hat)

you’re a winner
to me.

[Composed: January 28, 2013]


Janet Wong is a notable APA author who has written numerous critically acclaimed books for children and young adults, such as Apple Pie 4th of July, The Trip Back Home, A Suitcase of Seaweed, and many more. She is also an APALA member who is serving as a Fundraising Committee member. She has written this poem to celebrate literary awards 2013 during ALA Midwinter in Seattle. For more information on Janet Wong:

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